About Us

Barbara Kirshbaum

Barbara Kirshbaum, the owner of BK Antiques, has been buying antiques all her life, first as a hobby and then professionally, while working for 28 years with her friend and colleague, Toby Landey at Sentimento Antiques.

She has been on over 120 buying trips to Europe and Asia, combing the markets in France, England, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Spain and China, searching for the unique, the chic, and the exceptional.

Barbara carries an eclectic mix of accessories, lighting, furniture, art and silver ranging from the 17th Century to the early 20th Century.

Barbara has also developed a line of Limited Editions, including high-end desk accessories from shagreen and vintage crocodile; a series of small “drinks” tables in wood, iron and stone; barstools; unique waste baskets and custom iron and wood benches. Barbara and Paul Heath, her associate, have many new and exciting items in development.